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Couleurs des champs 164 , 2023
about the artist :

Vinça Monadé is an art teacher in ceramics at the "Gué à Tresmes" school, in France. In addition to her teaching, she also works on personal art projects. She began her apprenticeship by studying graphic design and then studied at Amore's studio at the Beaux-Arts university in Paris. She completed her studies with a degree in Art History and developed a passion for the art of the Middle Ages and the Italian Primitives. Vinça Monadé then became interested in silkscreen printing and worked at Jérôme Arcay's Parisian studio.

Vinça Monadé began her work by exploring the line. Through the delicacy of her drawings, she manages, through the plural expression of the line, to reclaim the surrounding nature: "I love the line, should it be "natural" or abstract. From nature or elsewhere, the expression of the trait is plural. If the drawing, and its trembling or even hesitant line, were the first source of inspiration, the taste for the line evolves, metamorphoses, stiffens until the line breaks. As time goes by, the line - that was so present until then - gradually tends to disappear in favour of the motive, the surface and the colour."

In her more recent experiments, "Couleurs des champs", Vinça turns to the fragment, forms anchored in her imagination and her environment. Once again, she is inspired by nature and the fields that surround her on a daily basis, that she observes throughout the seasons. The form is thought of as a dyptych; it is unity and fragments. For her, colour is reminiscent of medieval illuminations, and it is its fullness and strength that nourish the surface, which in turn, in a set of combinations, nourish it. The artist also explores ceramics, around the same theme, transposing these surfaces into modules. The association here is open and free, the volumes and textures combining infinitely: "I tried to mix the grain of the chamotte with the softness of a smooth earth, to use coloured clays and plasters close to the matt of gouache. A few enamels enrich the surfaces."

Couleurs des champs 164 , 2023
Pastel on arch paper, framed
19.6 x 19.6 in (50 x 50 cm)

INV Nbr. monv_164
unique artwork
Paris VIII
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