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We started, like many galleries, by buying works to hang at home. Until the day a friend wanted to buy our latest acquisition from us... Two months later, we left our respective jobs and embarked on the creation of Envie d'Art.

For twenty years, the Envie d'Art gallery has been representing its artists on its website, making it a pioneer of online sales for contemporary art. Here you will find an eclectic and rigorous selection of photographs, paintings and sculptures, by emerging and established artists from all over the world. Thanks to a tailor-made delivery, a secure payment and a satisfaction guarantee, buying contemporary art will seem childishly simple.

From the comfort of your own home, travel the world discovering the works of our international artists and enjoying their immense talent on a daily basis. Because we believe that art is not reserved for experienced connoisseurs and collectors but open to all, we advise everyone with the same enthusiasm, online, at our Paris 8 gallery or at the many fairs we attend every year.

So, ready to start or keep up with your collection?

Yann & Cathy Bombard