About us

The idea to start this project dawned on us buying Art to hang in our own home. As you too, we had to face that scrutinising look that gallery owners gave you, as well as the sticker shock when we plucked up the courage to ask for the selling price. Soon we made the decision to contact the artists, to visit hundreds of studios and finding that for every 50 artists we met, there where three who we really loved. Our friends soon began asking for advice… then one of them wanted to purchase a large photograph that we had just bought. Two months later, we quit our jobs and decided to found Envie d'art.

We wish to offer a new vision to approach the world of contemporary art that is open to everyone and welcoming art lovers, established art collectors or art novices who think about bying art for the first time. We will welcome you as you are with an extreme pleasure !

Envie d'art is Cathy, Géraldine, Justine, Victoria, Yann... All moved by a common passion.

Envie d'art has been launched in 2001 by Cathy and Yann Bombard. (the commercial brand Envie d’Art belongs to the corporation E-Canopy) and is a limited company with a capital of 135 660 €. And registered at the register of commerce and corporations of Paris under the number 430 323 477 and its head office is located at 24 rue Treilhard, 75008 Paris.