about the artwork :
Beyond touch , 2022

about the artist :

Using the intrinsic language of paint, Eva Ullrich is able to simplify her work to create bold, confident pieces that capture the essence of specific places, or natural events with great atmosphere and a submersive quality.

The landscape artist's work leans more towards abstraction. Most of her paintings were created after trips to Arctic Norway and Iceland, where she explored the coast and travelled into the remote interior, in which one can find lava fields, glaciers and volcanos. Whilst exploring the landscape, she took photographs and made quick paint sketches on location, as methods of observing particular features and the often dramatic and changing qualities of light at different times of day.

She then makes her paintings from memory upon her return to the studio. She paints them flat using wide brushes, sponges and squeegees, constantly adding, removing and manipulating the paint until it feels right. Some paintings are very simple, made up of only two layers, and others are much more complex with multiple layers and glazing.

Beyond touch , 2022
Acrylic on Canvas, multiple layers using brushes, squeegees and sponges, framed
59 x 51 in (150 x 130 cm)

INV Nbr. ullr_013
unique artwork
Paris VIII
Price : 6,960 US$


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