Artist Focus: Cécile Plaisance

Artist Focus: Cécile Plaisance

from April 25, 2020

To admire Cécile Plaisance's lenticular photographs is above all to adhere to her strong positions on the influence of culture on women's bodies. Her models, whether human or dolls, are veiled and revealed through the prism of the hologram. A distinguished artist whom we have followed since her beginnings, Cécile Plaisance marvels at the way she looks at women and their desires for freedom, enjoyment, power and emancipation.

"My inspirations are obviously multiple. There are so many splendours around us for those who know how to pay attention to them! Advertising, current events... play an important role in my creative process." Cecile also draws inspiration from her predecessors: Pop Art artists, avant-garde fashion photographers, pin-up illustrators, Pirelli or Playboy calendars. "In fact, it's all this popular culture of representing the sexy woman, provocative without being vulgar, a little delirious under a wise appearance, these women presented successively over the years as ideal women. Curious how they have changed over time... Or is it men?"

"Contrary to what one might think, my work is not a battle, nor is it a war of the sexes. It's an ode to femininity, to love. I admire women as much as I love men. On the other hand, I am deeply hostile to the place that religion takes over women's freedom. No matter what religion is, it has far too great a hold on their lives! My work is an expression of the need to find male-female balance. We are "soul complements", of equal value. I hope that every woman can recognize herself in my photos. No matter her beliefs, her religion. Secrets, forbidden or clandestine pleasures, mysteries, are part of desire, seduction, encounters, life... I wish to be accessible and communicate just a little humour and beauty."

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