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Oran , 2024
about the artist :

Axelle Gosse, interior designer for over twenty-five years and passionate about fabrics, one day decided to take up rope work. She finds inspiration for her work in her travels. The interplay of rope movements of different thicknesses and colors enables her to express her passion for the beauties of an imaginary world, from Latin America to Africa, via India... These "organic" techniques, sometimes with an ethnic or tribal edge, allow her to give free rein to her imagination and let go of the waves of the rope.

As for the themes, they're self-evident: Argentinian floral motifs such as cardoon flowers, travel memories and other impressions of the rising sun, sometimes with aboriginal inspirations. "I also love mountain landscapes, but with the exception of my "Himalaya" painting, dedicated to the snow leopard, my work is devoid of any human or animal presence. My work is entirely dedicated to nature, mysterious, beautiful and wild."

Oran , 2024
Rope work, framed
39 x 59 in (100 x 150 cm), Frame : 40.5 x 60 in

INV Nbr. gosa_007
unique artwork
Paris VIII
Price : 7,390 US$


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