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Muse , 2024

about the artist :

Urban and contemporary, Elise Oudin Gilles's art is in harmony with the times. As an artist, she is not afraid to merge languages and inspirations by creating a link between textile design and street art. Mixing materials and colours, Oudin Gilles plays with transparencies and sometimes uses calligraphy. By multiplying layers, she confronts and harmonizes a wide range of diverse and varied mediums.

The artist began her career in textiles by collaborating with haute couture houses. After this period, the canvas calls her : "Collages, felt-tip pens, oil, acrylics : the forms, the materials, the words are gradually amplified. Photo and video interfere. My painting starts to take shape from that moment ... ", she explains in an interview.

Influenced by Cy Twombly, Élise Oudin Gilles's painting is in movement. Fiery and soft, her works bring power and serenity and reveal themselves to those who have the patience to look at them with attention. The painting turns upside down, becomes a mirror, and questions us. If her painting is captivating at first sight, its essence is given to those who show some patience.

Muse , 2024
Oil, acrylic and gold on linen canvas
45.6 x 35 in (116 x 89 cm)

INV Nbr. oude_650
unique artwork
Price : 4,550 US$


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