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Denge , 2024
about the artist :

Parvaze, a talented chain stitch artist from Kashmir, showcases the exquisite beauty of this ancient craft through his work. Using worsted yarn of high quality and traditional techniques, Parvaze creates intricate patterns on hessain cloth, employing a hook-type tool known as "Aurah" with skillful precision. His artwork not only pays homage to the rich heritage of Kashmiri craftsmanship but also reflects a contemporary reinterpretation of influences from great masters like Kandinski and Miro.

Each piece exudes a unique blend of Indian culture and modern sensibilities, captivating viewers with its timeless allure. Parvaze's dedication and artistic talent were recently recognized at the Art Palm Beach where he received the prestigious DIVERSEartPB Museum Acquisition Award. As a result, one of his pieces is now part of the permanent collection of the La Neomudejar Museum in Madrid, further solidifying his legacy as a visionary artist. Through his minimalist and contemporary designs, Parvaze continues to push the boundaries of Chain Stitch artist.

Denge , 2024
Handstitched Wool
65 x 45 in (165 x 114 cm), Frame : 25 x 17 in

INV Nbr. parv_003
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