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Avanti , 2019
about the artist :

Through his art, Canadian photographer Patrick Lajoie explores the themes of color and light while focusing on the emotions born of nostalgia and memory. Previously known for his wood transfer practice, the images that made him famous were infused with warm colors and textures.

In Patrick Lajoie's universe, commonly recurring themes such as beaches and bathing scenes, vintage cars and surfing, are chosen as much for their reflection of the artist's personal interests as for their ability to channel collective memories and a spirit of adventure. Rather than being planned or staged, his images are primarily discovery-driven and rely on frequent travels in search of the elusive chance combination of the right subject matter, location, lighting, and compositional potential. In that sense, his artistic practice is in constant evolution.

In his latest series, Lajoie choses an American cultural symbol : cars. Cadillacs and other vintage vehicles are pictured in a sunny Californian landscape, devoid of any human presence. Like a newly colorized period film, his photographs taken in Palm Springs and Los Angeles remind us of the old Hollywood. On the other hand, the deserted luxury villas, reminiscent of movie sets, question the viewer about the American dream's artificiality.

Avanti , 2019
Print mounted on Diasec with Plexiglass, walnut frame
Image : 37 x 49 in (95 x 124 cm)

INV Nbr. lajp_001b
Edition of 7 copies
Price : 6,040 US$


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