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Essay , 2017

about the artist :

There is a Bengali proverb which says that "All the universe is contained in a pot." Indeed a potter interacts with all five essential elements - earth, water, wind, fire and space. Pots play a central role throughout the stages of a man's life.

Pots follow us in our daily life with different aspects independently to mentalities' evolution and science's development.

"This universal langage, I wanted to express it in my painting as a second meaning after my picturial work which is essentially about mankind."
Madhu Basu, 2001.

Madhu Basu's works show a contrasted writing, full of symbolism. Shades and light are omnipresent. Blank spaces are friends with full ones. Lines which structure space are opposed with the round figures in his paintings. Each one of his work is a place for meditation revealing the growing maturaty of the painter.

Essay , 2017
Pigments, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
36 x 29 in (92 x 73 cm), Frame : 39 x 31 in

INV Nbr. basm_077
unique artwork
Price : 4,970 US$


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