about the artist :
Xavier Visa

The originality of Xavier Visa's work resides in a blur printing and instant stolen. His painting is surprisingly realistic , like a picture that should have blurred the image. The moments are those he chooses his hometown , Barcelona which he transcribes we feel. His painting reminds us of times that we all lived and plunges us into a certain nostalgia.
The dreamy effect and blur his works allows us to identify with the characters in his paintings and to return to his world. Each work has a strong hue with environments that affect us .

Champs Elysées 2 / Xavier Visa
Oil paint on canvas
33 x 79 in (84 x 200 cm)
unique artwork
Promenade / Xavier Visa
Oil paint on canvas
38 x 57 in (97 x 146 cm)
unique artwork
5,120 US$