Artist focus: Jeff Robb

Artist focus: Jeff Robb

from October 20, 2019

Master in the art of three-dimensional holography, British artist Jeff Robb totally seduced us with his technique and the aestheticism of his female nudes. Leaving no one insensitive, they have also seduced great museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London or the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. For the past thirty years, Robb has been experimenting with lenticular technology and has started working on projects combining sound and kinetic installations on a large scale.

Jeff Robb is continually inspired by the nude female form: the countless permutations of bodies and their composition, facial expressions and light, are both a technical challenge and a fascinating problem to solve. He is also inspired by the medium with which he works: lenticular photography. It is a complicated and expensive process, but it is a process that captures the subjects in a strange and wonderful mixture of photography and sculpture. How does it work? It is a process that consists in taking many different photographs of the subject, from different angles. Then, they are digitally processed with a technique called interlacing, printed out and laminated.

For Jeff Robb, it is a matter of putting us in a state between perception and reality: "I believe it is important that our minds experience this period of suspension, especially when we in the Western world generally live in a spiritual void. We need magical inspiration in our lives and I would like to share this feeling in my work."

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