Artist focus: Nicolas Dubreuille

Artist focus: Nicolas Dubreuille

September 15, 2019

It was at an art market 5 years ago that we fell in love with Nicolas Dubreuille's works. Since then, we have accompanied him in his work, witnessing a constant evolution in his style. Coming from the world of graphic design, the artist lives in the South-West of France and multiplies mediums - combining drawing, sculpture, photography and painting - allowing him to explore form and colour more freely. After two catalogues and numerous orders, we are pleased to introduce you to this popular artist.

Nicolas Dubreuille draws his inspiration from modernist and abstract art everywhere: sculptors Eduardo Chillida and Philippe Hiquily, or painters such as Kandinsky or Paul Jenkins (in particular his work on transparency and the contrast he manages to obtain with colours). The artist started working with geometric shapes and then evolved towards transparency and gradually his work became more complex in the superposition of colours. "For my sculptures, I use a kind of alphabet of shapes, and I try to find a balance between all the pieces. A link between painting and sculpture is, in my opinion, the art of finding the right balance."

Nicolas likes to focus on details that allow him to let his imagination run wild and for him, movement is an escape from reality: "That's what I'm trying to share."

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