about the artwork :
Rhossilli II , 2018
about the artist :

"Until recently my work has been about depicting different races and cultures especially from Asia, a part of the world very close to my heart. It's been important to me to try and capture a piece of today that nods to yesterday and tomorrow. In this way my work can be nostalgic, romantic and contemporary.
Since I discovered the Sahara Desert, The Atlas Mountains and the river Ganges my attentions have been diverted towards the natural environment. This is not to say however that people have become less important, in fact their diminishing presence within the frame has inspired a more emotional response to my pictures. In this way my photographs have become more humanized.I have always been part of a minimalist tradition in that I believe, the simpler the image the more powerful it can be. A sense of balance is key for me in creating successful photographs. I am interested in the crossover between painting and photography and in my color work there is an ever-fading line between the two. I am especially inspired by painters such as Mark Rothko. My wish is to take the viewer beyond the literal image, to set the soul free and in some way to remind them of their life ; it is only now that I feel I am coming closer to these aims."

In the Storm Series : "In the storm I have lately found myself searching for space, a desire to be surrounded by the nature and an ever-growing need to simplify life. As my urban life envelops me, I feel I have become more than ever disconnected from nature. In picturing the natural world in an abstract way I am hoping to encourage the viewer to go beyond the literal image, to reflect upon their place in the universe and to be aware of the creative force of the earth. In our busy lives there is little or no time for this - these pictures aim to act as a kind of meditation. Now more than ever, nature is increasingly reminding us of its presence and power. I am interested in interpreting this through my photographs: to blur the lines between photography and painting.
These images look back to a romantic world and to an uncertain future, where the force of nature is both powerful and beautiful, to be admired and respected."

Rhossilli II , 2018
Lambda print pasted with diasec, framed
Image : 49 x 49 in (125 x 125 cm)


INV Nbr. halt_023
Edition of 10 copies
Price : 9,199.47 $


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