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Everyone's chance , 2020
about the artist :

The work of Edouard Buzon is a book of inner journeys, a dreamlike wandering paved with signs, numbers, fragments of unfinished sentences. The images are familiar, but the paths linking them to each other are absolutely unexpected. Populated with characters that turn their backs on us, the paintings of Buzon offer to the one lingering to embark on beautifully smooth surfaces for joining improbable and vividly colored lines of flight. His purpose is not to define history, but to give everyone a mysterious language to write his own story.


After years of research and adjustments, the artist has developed his own unique tools, allowing to go closer to his ideal plastics. He fabricates himself his colors, adding carefully chosen pigments to various mediums. The iconography is drawn from his countless photographs. However, the picture remains anecdotal, a pretext for another breakaway. The artist recomposes unusual landscapes and integrates them into chromatic compositions, surprising and nonetheless enticing.


But what adds to the originality of this work is the special attention he pays to the finish. Layer after layer, Edouard polishes the surface of his works, thus obtaining, after weeks of patience, a lacquer willingly evoking the gloss of a beautiful exterior. Demiurge in his own country, in love with a job well done, Edouard Buzon invests every step of the gestation of his world, infusing the same energy to the substance and the form.

To enter the works of Edouard Buzon is to dare to cross to the other side of the mirror.

Everyone's chance , 2020
Varnish, Pigments and photography on wood
16 x 16 in (40 x 40 cm)


INV Nbr. buze_1619
unique artwork
Paris VIII
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