about the artwork :
Poires d'or , 2019

about the artist :

Nadejda Pastoukhova works in the ancient technique of encaustic painting on canvas, which reminds of the texture of a wall fresco, with a matte surface finish. This technique allows her to create a monochrome atmosphere with a light blur around the subjects of her compositions.

Having a particular interest for the simple subjets which go straight to the essential, no matter what the theme of the painting is, Nadejda Pastoukhova draws her inspiration from her childhood memories: familiar faces, locations of her travels, special atmospheres, simple and banal objects which have a distinctive importance for her. In each painting, she tries to communicate to the viewer a state of serenity and calm.

Poires d'or , 2019
Encaustic on canvas
31 x 47 in (80 x 120 cm)


INV Nbr. pasn_120
unique artwork


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