about the artwork :
Cuba 52 , 2018
about the artist :

Jean-François Rauzier is a French artist born in 1952, working in Paris and creator of Hyperphotography.

Having worked for thirty years as an advertising photographer, Rauzier developed a personal artistic technique.

Precursor of digital artistic compositions, his work took a radical turn in 2002 when he revealed the "Hyperphoto". This concept is the culmination of his technique and allows him the impossible : conjugate the infinitely large and the infinitely small in the same image. The juxtaposition, duplication and twisting of images create a digital artistic puzzle. His technique generated a multitude of exciting and unusual details on which the spectator can focus on.

His works are an invitation to an inner journey, in dreamlike, fantastic and timeless universes. His worlds are enriched with figures and references from the artist's cultural pantheon.

In exclusivity, Envie d'Art has the honor to welcome the Havana series directed by Jean-François Rauzier in 2017. Amazed by the conservation of the colorful Cuban buildings and the diversity of styles, the photographer created 360 hyperphotos. Time seems to have stopped in Cuba in 1959, these formats magnify a museum of old vehicles.

Among the fifteen photographs, the artist creates a surrealist universe in which the cerulean sky overlooks Cuban architectural monuments. With dwellings, vestiges or common places, the photographer isolates the emblems of Cuban culture and draws up a temporal, colourful and urban fresco of the Cuban myth.

Cuba 52 , 2018
Chromalux print, framed in american box
Image : 20 x 59 in (50 x 150 cm), Frame : 21 x 60 in


INV Nbr. rauj_003
Edition of 2 EA + 15 copies
Paris VIII
Price : 6,027.24 $


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