about the artwork :
Les couleurs du quartier (part 1) , 2017

about the artist :

Beyond design or illustration, the works of Olivier Anicet take a different consistency at the discretion of materials and media. But it is on the canvas that it's obvious when he starts mixing paint, pencils, pastels and other pens, offering us the thickness of an urban world in bright colors.

Olivier Anicet composes skits, daily snapshots where the meeting is magical, where realism flirts with the symbols of our time, where text and speech are characters, where the city is a musical partition reflecting our lives. His works  reach out to other cultures, other countries, like during his participation in the traveling exhibition "Multicolor Wisdom", which led to the publication of postcards featuring the illustration of proverbs from different countries.

Olivier Anicet is an artist in motion. His interest in reality, here and everywhere, has never been denied, because he finds his inspiration in travelling, worldnews or in his environment.

Again, his work is as a bridge between urban and popular culture and the history of modern art, as a reconstructed space with imaginary perspectives where funny characters embody the diversity of cultures.

His last pieces show Haussmann-style buildings, represented in their imposing architecture but where the finely worked volume and transparency offer a light that lead us to imagine easily the life that takes place behind the facade structured by the shimmering changes of seasons.

Olivier Anicet builds his art from contrast, meeting new cultures and mixing them.

Les couleurs du quartier (part 1) , 2017
Mixed media on wood
12 x 36 in (30 x 90 cm)


INV Nbr. anio_093
unique artwork
Paris VIII
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