about the artist :

He's a figurative graffiti artist. His art is ironical and humoroustic or famous lines like the theatre system he used to work in. He will merge loads of different themes as women extended on a sofa smoking, super heroes with childhood matters. Cieu likes to play with words as he is deeply inspired by poetry on his street art canvases. Even the titles of his works reflect his sensitivity and rigor to his art. His universe is full of spontaneity, emotions and fragility giving a raw visual impact.

"Je ne dois pas papillons" /  CIEU
Oil and acrylic on a sign
38 x 25 x 22 in (99 x 66 x 56 cm)
unique artwork
2,061.95 $
Sorry, I'm not Robin /  CIEU
Oil and acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 in (80 x 80 cm)
unique artwork
3,489.45 $
Ventoline, 2012 /  CIEU
Oil, acrylic and ink on paper, framed
26 x 20 in (65 x 50 cm)
unique artwork
1,903.34 $